• Regarding their location and respective history, Switzerland and France have long standing economical and legal connections.

    Besides, the last conclusion of the Bilateral Agreements (Switzerland – European Union) has increased, on multiple aspects, the relations between the different Swiss and European actors.

    Recently, individuals as well as companies have gained a wide flexibility: for individuals, regarding the choice of their place of work and residence and, for companies, with respect to the incorporation of their head office, branches and subsidiaries. Are particularly concerned expatriate and frontier workers, as well as cross-border incorporated companies.

    Thus, and especially in the Geneva basin area, physical and moral persons are voluntarily, or not, confronted to Swiss, French and sometimes European laws. Therefore, a specific expertise is required, since the interaction between these legislations is nowadays unavoidable.

    Indeed, in such a framework, it is imperative for each person to know the legal extent of its rights and obligations measured with respect to both French and Swiss relevant laws.

    Only after a complete analysis of the ins and outs of each legal system, can a choice be complying with the concerned interests.

  •  The law firm SUTTER Attorneys will be your partner and privilege interlocutor with regard to

    legal advice and cross-border litigation in connection with Swiss, French and European Law.

    It makes use of its legal cross-border French-Swiss skill in order to find a solution in
    compliance with your interests.

    The law firm SUTTER Attorneys advises insurance companies, banks as well as small and medium companies intending to develop cross-border activities and which are confronted to legal formalities requiring the know-how of each national law.

    It assists individuals who wish to establish in Switzerland in all relevant formalities.

    The law firm is composed of Attorneys members of Swiss and French Bar who assist clients in the event of Franco-Swiss Litigation.