• Attorney at the Geneva Bar

    Education :
    - Licence en droit suisse
    - Maîtrise en droit privé français
    - Swiss Bar exam (Geneva)
    - French Bar exam (Paris)
    - Law degree in Swiss law (University of Lausanne)
    - Law degree in French law (University of Savoy)

    - Member of the Geneva Bar Association (ODAGE)
    - Member of the Swiss Lawyers Federation (SFA)
    - Member of the French Swiss Chamber of commerce and industry (CFSCI)

    Languages: French, English and German

    Email : fsutter@sutter-avocats.com

    French & Swiss Attorney at law, Me Frédéric SUTTER is graduated in both Swiss and French
    His cross border education naturally brought him to obtain the Swiss Bar exam (Geneva) as
    well as the French Bar exam (Paris).

    Me Frédéric Sutter gained practical experience in both Swiss and French law firms. He
    began practising as an independent lawyer after having worked as trainee and associate
    during several years in well-known Geneva law firms focused on international business law.

    Based on his international expertise, Me Frédéric SUTTER will be your single interlocutor
    regarding the representation of your interests and will advise you in any French Swiss cross-border matters, especially in connection with contract, banking and commercial law.

    Of course, he will assist you within the framework of any procedures before Swiss and
    French competent jurisdictions, in relation with international litigations.

  • Attorney at the Geneva Bar
    (EU/EFTA Register)
    Attorney at the Paris Bar

    79 rue d’Amsterdam
    75008 Paris
    Phone: +33 (0)1 82 52 28 34
    Fax. +33 (0)1 82 52 08 70

    Education :
    - French Bar Exam (Lyon)
    - Master’s degree in Competition and Consumer Law (University of Lausanne and Savoy)
    - Master’s degree in Contract Law and Liability (University of Savoy)
    - Degree in French private Law (University of Savoy)

    - Member of the French Bar Association
    - Member of the French-Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CFSCI)

    Languages: French and English

    Email : sdonzel@sutter-avocats.com

    French Attorney at Law at the Geneva and Paris Bar , Me Sylvie Donzel has a French and

    Swiss legal background. She also undertook a training session at the Swiss Institute of
    Comparative Law in Lausanne where she developed her legal skills in terms of International
    and European Private Law.

    Me Sylvie Donzel gained practical work experience within French law firms focused on cross
    border activities as well as active business companies in the field of international insurance.

    Thanks to her skills, Me Sylvie Donzel will be your privilege interlocutor in relation with any
    French-Swiss cross-border matters related to Contract Law and Liability in particular with
    regard to Insurance, Competition and Consumer law.

    Of course, she will assist you within the framework of any proceeding before French and
    Swiss competent jurisdictions, in relation with national as well as international litigations.